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Free Agent Newsreader If you're going to participate in Newsgroups on the Internet you'll need a solid newsgroup client. Free Agent is the best one out there, and it's free.
Eudora Pro E-mail Dealing with lots of e-mail in an efficient manner is something that every webmaster has to deal with. Extensive filtering features and templates allow you to sort, prioritize, and filter all your e-mail.
Browser Sizer Browser This little utility allows you to quickly view your website in both Netscape and Internet Explorer (if they're installed) at various resolutions.
Type It In Submit When submitting your site to search engines/directories manually, you'll often have to type in the same piece of information each time. This little program greatly speeds up the entire process. Simply place the cursor where you want the text to be typed in, hit the appropriate button on the little control panel on your screen, and the text is typed in for you.
Textpad Text The best text editor for newsletter publishers.
UltraEdit HTML If you need to make quick changes to your HTML pages, or if you'd rather use a text editor than a source-code editor (like HotDog 5.5) for creating your site then UltraEdit is a must try.
CuteFTP FTP Once you create/update files on your Hard Drive you'll have to get them onto your server somehow. Cute FTP is the program that you can use for uploading files to your server.
GetRight Download If you do a lot of downloading, this program will prove itself very useful. Not only will it resume broken downloads, but it will automatically search for alternate download sites and select the fastest one.
RealOne Player Player  
Shockwave Plug-in Special effects
Flash Plug-in Special effects
Apple Quicktime Player Webhosting Webhosting sponsors on Webmaster Resources
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